Moke colour codes

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Moke colour codes

Post by xpaiva » Sun Jun 21, 2020 14:48

Greetings everyone!!
I'm new to the forum, not sure if I have to introduce myself somewhere. Apologies if this post is a repetition.

Anyway, I just got myself a restoration project of a 65 mini moke. So, it is a mk1 from the time when they all came in Spruce Green.

The objective is to restore it as original as possible.
The car just came from blasting and I was wondering if anyone could help me getting the colours right.

I found a code for spruce Green 'ditzler 42303';
For the engine I found a comment saying it is 'British Standard Middle Bronze Green (BS 223)' and also found a reference to RAL6003.
Are these right?
Is there a reference for the yellow of the radiador fan? And for the Black sub-frame?
Also, does the fuel cap have a different colour than the body?

Thank you!!

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