How to make a fortune from Mokes.

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How to make a fortune from Mokes.

Post by Doug G »

. . or not as the case may be.

Let me tell you a fairy tale. Are you sitting comfortably?

Once upon a time an individual from (Liverpool? :shock: ) working here (might or might not have) contacted me with an opportunity to become a 'Moke' (not Mini Moke - something to do with copyright etc) dealer here in the Caribbean.
He appeared to be a reputable person here.
A French (individual :roll: ) was apparently and allegedly the area/Caribbean representative, whom I met (or might not have).
There was a lot of pressure to sign up otherwise he/she/it (trying to be politically/gender correct) was going to take dealership elsewhere.
I agreed - FIRST big mistake. As a result in my fairytale/dream, I have made a personal decision to tar and feather/paint all of them with the same brush and will never do a business deal with any of them (individuals and nationalities) in future. Talk of stereotyping.
SECOND mistake not doing my own research and due diligence on said French individual and the business partner.
THIRD mistake allowing myself to be rushed into it.
So far all my fault, too trusting.
Then I scrambled and got a company set up, by pulling all the strings favours I had, in record time.
FOURTH mistake, handing over +/- a ton load of money for the purchase of twelve Mokes. 'Partner' also put in a similar amount.
Mokes arrive (that in itself was surprising) and required some work (minor damages) to get them into a saleable standard.
FIFTH mistake : trusting said business partner to liaise with etc with the French individual who had agreed that they would be repaired. I got quotes and sourced a workforce to assist. Weeks turned into months, into years.
In the interim, the said partner would not allow the mokes to be repaired at our expense (and reclaim) and then rented/sold. :oops:
Eventually the French individual did not send anyone to repair them or respond to my repeated requests (via partner) to send us what it would cost him/her/it/MOKE to repair etc instead. Nothing, nada, zilch happened so, I took it upon myself to contact said French individual. Who responded that he/she/it only had a deal with my business partner and it was not with me or the company and declined to correspond with me. He/she/it eventually resigned from a UK co dealing in Mokes.
Said business partner sat on his rear and did sweet fanny adams.
Mokes were in a secure yard I arranged at no cost to the Company.
OK lets move along with the fairy tale.
SIXTH mistake : Five or so years later.
We had to pay import duty (five years man to be held in bond), well other partner did (I had no money). This cost 85% of the value of the Mokes.
Had said business partner listened to me the business could have been up and running going concern and paid for themselves.
Then, moi decided (was sole employee and Director of co) that either business partner could buy me out or I would wind up the company.
Said business partner then lawyered up. Found that if it was would up the liquidator would likely be paid all the assets and the investors, moi and him, would get nothing.
After some back and forth, I received six of the twelve mokes.
They were in the worst condition - said business partner had put more money into it ((Ton load of money x 2) plus 85%) = a mega load of beer tokens.
Nevertheless less they were all rusty as business partner had stored the (after removal from the place I procured for five years) some 200 yards from the sea in direct salt laden air .
Then when I managed to get 'the six' from partner rather than wind up the company:
  • one rear light cluster had disappeared.
    a spare wheel complete with tire was stolen (who would do that as it would be easily identified complete with moke emblem in middle) :roll:
    Side weather panels were gone.
    Rear 'window' flap was gone.
    Wing mirrors were missing.
    Rubber bonnet hold downs were disintegrated.
    Front grilles completely rusted.
    Rust on edges and bolted items.
    Bottom member of windscreen frame rotted.
    Plus miscellaneous other issues and items.
    Side members of windscreen frame rotted
Managed to sell them - all six - for +/-75% of the ton load of money I initially put in. Another fairy tale in which I learnt the moral of the story - never trust a trini.

So a 'ton load of money' into 75% of it in one easy lesson and my loss is all my fault.

Well quite an expensive fairy tale and one has to wonder if there is any truth in it. Believe what you will.

My dream? My nightmare?
Let the buyer beware.

Regards of the above true or not, I will NEVER buy a 'MOKE'. I may buy a Mini Moke, but NEVER a 'Moke'.
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Having a moking good time!

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Re: How to make a fortune from Mokes.

Post by Tim »

Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear that.

I'm pleased to hear that you managed to get some of it back and didn't lose the whole lot.

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Doug G
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Re: How to make a fortune from Mokes.

Post by Doug G »

So am I.

As I pointed out the OP might a personal dream or nightmare I had one night and may just be a fairy tale. :D

Some of (not all) the lessons learned :
  • Always take your time, and never be rushed into anything even buying a single Mini Moke.
    If something is truly for you then it will turn out to be so.
    Do due diligence, e.g. who actually owns the vehicle/entity, who the people involved are (check reputation, track record) etc
    Never take a partner's (or potential partner's) word on face value. As Ronald Reagan is alleged to have said "Trust, but verify".
    If something seems even slightly to be to good to be true it probably is.
    Certain people cannot be trusted, make sure that you always have the upper hand. Use 'escrows'
    Don't go into business with less than 50% ownership.
    If you have doubts walk away unless you are prepared to lose it all.
    Treat people fairly.
Having a moking good time!

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