amc cub desert rat project

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amc cub desert rat project

Post by hubba.hubba » Wed Feb 01, 2017 20:27

Hi everyone , I'm really pleased I have found this forum. I have just read through drakes cub rebuild with great interest and alot of the pictures will be very helpful to me.
I have recently bought the 2013 amc cub the was first used to get the new batch of amc cubs through the IVA test (the one that's in the amc sales pictures) . It does look much like it now!
My plan was either to build a rat look or military look or a sleeper. So I decided to do all 3. It will be a desert rat sleeper. So it'll look messy, sandy coloured with big chunky tires and i will be transplanting my 1330 race spec blow through supercharged motor out of my mini.
I too woild like to make it look quite authentic but cutting out side access panels and hopefully use an original moke screen. If anyone can tell me if the width of the original moke screen frame that would be a good start as I would like to make a fold down screen.
I would put pics up but I don't know how.

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Re: amc cub desert rat project

Post by Nigel(no top)Sykes » Thu Feb 02, 2017 22:32

Welcome to our forum, if you want tips/instructions on pictures then I would suggest looking in the "site discuss" section.
At least can add up

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Re: amc cub desert rat project

Post by Drake » Sun Feb 19, 2017 14:09

Greetings and welcome - look forward to seeing the pics, mines supposed to be the oldest known being from 1986 so good that we have the newest also.
Is it this one? this is the one that featured in the kit car magazine and was his first 'recent new build'


Charles Anderson offered me this when first built - I think he wanted £9000 - then it dropped to £7000. I lost track of it when it was loaned to a potential purchaser and it sat on his drive for a while. I saw it on Gumtree a 18months back? for a price that was very reasonable..

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