Where are you going this year ?

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Where are you going this year ?

Post by johng »

November & December 2019 we had all the maps out to attend IMM Italy 2020 . Couple of days in France then a bit longer in Switzerland before IMM then down to South of France ......... Totally cancelled now - Maybe 2023 if I'm not too old and knackered

2021 In 2 weeks we are off to I.o.W. to a Mobile Home for 4 days meeting up with my old mate Mr Tony Freeman. An Old Moke Mate

We are still off to Barnard Castle at end of May to check out my vision LOL or some nice camping

July is Devon for 5 days - Then Moke National - Lovely finish to July is Driffield Steam .

Highlight of the year is Arbrey's at Welsh Weekend and final Event of the year Kettering Steam 25/26 Sep

Who's doing Christmas Dinner ? Hahaha

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Re: Where are you going this year ?

Post by Doug G »

Island borders still on lock down.

Plans to open it on 1 October.

I think I will stay put.
Having a moking good time!

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