Advice on pricing

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Advice on pricing

Post by Vcator » Fri Sep 07, 2018 16:14

I’ve seen a ‘box of bits’ for £4,000, and a concours Moke for £24,000

Other than the obvious point of condition (and what someone is willing to pay), I would welcome any advice on what factors affect the price of a Moke.

In general, how do Mk1/Mk2 and UK built vehicles compare in price to non-UK built models ?
Are newer Mokes more pricey than older ones ? Is there a Moke more sought after than others ?

Is a premium paid for originality ?
Do retro-fit items, such as disk brakes , Recaro seats, or alloys, make much difference in price ? . . and if so, do they add value, or detract from its originality ?

I would welcome any thoughts

btw, saw this really nice brand new (electric) LHD noMoke last week Image

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Re: Advice on pricing

Post by werewolf » Sun Sep 09, 2018 16:02

well.. of course the Mk1 Mk11 UK mokes fetch the most dinero.. I just sold very nice 66 Uk moke for $30,000 here in the USA.. and on a rusty but all original UK moke fetched also $30k.. recent seller in Atlanta Georgia.. got $40k for his UK moke on BaT.. the OZ mokes do NOT bring this kind of money here in the USA>. $20k at most.. good luck in your moke search.. later bill cox
PS>. best source of moke these days in on down under..

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