Moke values I am in a quandry

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Moke values I am in a quandry

Post by tonymoke » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:48

I have come upon a 67 moke completely disassembled with some rust issues and some new parts.
the drivetrain is unknown but there.

can someone tell i'm what I am in for?
the fellow has $17k into it and I am realistic about it however.

any comments ? much appreciated
tony G in New York

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Re: Moke values I am in a quandry

Post by Willie_B » Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:02

As we all know what he has into it is just a talking point. The main factor is body condition as that will be the money pit. New panels can be had, up to a new shell, to fix just about anything. I went the new shell route on mine. The metal seats are worth at least $1000+ for the set of 4. Drivetrain is the same as a mini so plenty of those around. Does it come with all the stock parts like top bows etc?

Value wise I would say $9000-11,000 depending on body condition max. The new parts do add value.

Is this the one in north Georgia?
Live Laugh Moke

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