Clutch disengage

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Clutch disengage

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Had to take the engine out and split from the gearbox because of a broken oil ring, I have now re-installed both and driven the Moke to ensure that everything is working. I'm glad to say that its performing perfectly except for the clutch! It doesn't initially disengage fully when the pedal is depressed.
If I'm a tad brutal with the gearstick it will allow me to select a gear, after that it appears to accept defeat and works reasonably well . I've bled the system thoroughly several time, but to no avail. Anybody got any advice please. PS I'm don't want to take the whole engine/gearbox out again if I can help it!!

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Re: Clutch disengage

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Have you set the gaps on the big locknut in the centre and the small bolt under the arm?
At least can add up

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