Aussie Steering rack

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Aussie Steering rack

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Having replaced the steering rack on my 1972 Aussie Moke with a new one purchased from Mini Spares. I've been informed that I should have replaced the steering arms as well. Apparently by not doing this the 'camber' won't be right and will cause 'bump steer'!!
Can't see how having Aussie steering arms attached to a standard rack would make any difference to the camber of the front wheels. Perhaps its the 'toe in' that is effected and cured by fitting standard steering arms.
Any thoughts or advice. I don't want to be driving a Moke with doggy steering.

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Re: Aussie Steering rack

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I thought the only times the arms are different are on an early mark 1. They have a different steering rack (no longer available) and arms to match. If you fit a new rack you have to change to later arms but I don’t think that’s the case with Aussie racks.
That said, you’d be better off fitting a sports pack type rack if you’re running 13” rims otherwise the tyres rub on full lock with a standard (and much much cheaper) steering rack.
At least can add up

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