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Re: 'Single' 4WD Mokes

Post by Tim » Thu Oct 15, 2015 22:16

Spider I agree entirely, it's a given with any source of information that is collated this far on from when it happened. Pressnell (and its the same for us now) had to piece together all the little bits and pieces that were available to try to come up with a coherent story. Its unavoidable that there will be errors and possibly incorrect interpretations that come into it. Even where people who were there at the time have survived, their memories of precise details from 40 or 50 years ago will have faded.

Roger has done a great job of researching and piecing together the facts, and Watto will be doing the same when he writes his article for "The BMC Experience", but its unavoidable that there will be some factual errors in what they have. The point is that it is better to try to get it recorded, with the knowledge that there are errors in it, than to lose everything.

The other point is that it doesn't really matter whether one source says 30 were built, another says 24 and a third says 25, or exactly how many went where and when.

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