Pistons and props 22/23 sept Sywell Northampton

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Pistons and props 22/23 sept Sywell Northampton

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Its that time of year again to think about booking into pistons and props .There will be the usual aerial acrobatics displays ,hot rods and motor bikes for high octane motorsport, the dragsters on the 200m straight line sprint and a medley of the best classic cars hopefully including the mini moke.
I say hopefully because the show is getting more popular the rules have changed so instead of us being aloud unto 10 cars we now have to have a minimum of 5 and max of 10 per day and it is a two day event .You can come for the two days or just one, the subsidised fee is £5 per car including driver and passenger to attend.So if you are interested please let me know Paul Upton (details in front of Moking).
If you wish to camp details on the pistons and props(sywellclassic.co.uk) website or there are many local hotels. unfortunately if we can't manage the numbers then we will not be attending the event as a club. Hope to be flooded with enquires many thanks Paul Upton
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