KAD gear lever

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KAD gear lever

Post by govig »

Just like to pass on my very good service received from KAD following an oddball request fot a "special" gear lever.

Those of us who drive on the wrong side of a Moke (ie sitting on the left) will be only too aware of how far away the standard gear lever is from the driver. This is mainly due to the cut out in the floor pan being biased towards the right hand side to start off with but added to by the bend in the gear lever going to the right too.

I wanted a quickshift and a "pull a collar to select reverse" so the KAD quickshift was, despite its price, the one to go for. Other cheaper quickshifts don't have the method of selecting reverse and are imo a very poor substitute anyway.

I worked out that all the difference that was required from a RHD KAD quickshift was the lever needed rotating in the slotted ball about 20° before it was welded and KAD agreed to do this without an extra charge. When it arrived, this calculation turned out to be correct but the gearknob hit the bottom of the speedo when selecting 1st. As I was going back to the UK via the tunnel, KAD agreed to sort this as soon as they opened as our Shuttle arrived early one morning. As the stick is hollow for the reverse cable, I did not want to bend it myself without their jig for obvious reasons.

They met me at 0800 as promised and showed me round the factory before re-bending my lever, just above the base, by quite a bit more that standard. It is now perfect. Cost for this extra work? - nothing. The factory is a real eye opener and could have spent all day looking at some of the amazing stuff they make for Minis.

In all my years with Minis* , I have never used KAD parts but they are an excellent firm made up of real enthusiasts and manufacture top quality items. However beware, you will be shown all sorts of desirable goodies if you visit which could prove expensive......

* Moke newbie though and later found out the lever gaiter from an earlier Mini saloon fits the Portuguese Moke perfectly just in case others like me weren't sure.

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Re: KAD gear lever

Post by spider »

Adrian at KAD is an awesome bloke, very patient and always happy to step up to the plate. We've done a few special projects together.

Some say KAD stuff is 'expensive' but it's not, you only get what you pay for.
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Re: KAD gear lever

Post by biggles299 »

Interesting - Just purchased the "longer" KAD quick shift gear lever for a Moke and have the same problem getting 1st & 3rd as in my case it hits the heater.
Anybody else out there had problems with fitting this part and how did you solve it?

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Re: KAD gear lever

Post by Nigel(no top)Sykes »

About the only way really would be to bend it, probably near the base would be best
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Re: KAD gear lever

Post by grantourer »

Just fitted the longer version of a KAD Quick shift to a Portuguese LHD, minor problem on the line up. Spoke to KAD, they sorted it, and it does not hit the dash at all. Will be doing the Aussie in January,
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Re: KAD gear lever

Post by Doug G »

Does it still shift like this?
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