Steering lock

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Steering lock

Post by Martin108 »

Has anyone got a steering lock/ ignition switch like this that they might part with?

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Re: Steering lock

Post by weef »

HI Martin
I searched for one of these switches when refurbishing a 1979 Australian Moke and turned up nothing. I am sure you know no other switch is compatible, but luckily I managed to get my switch working. It was stuck solid but after a month immersed in WD40 it showed signs of movement and eventually managed to get it to turn, satisfactory but not a very "crisp" action, I suspect the springs that operate the tumblers are shot.
I think that if Minisport Australia have them they will be the only supplier, I did buy some parts from Australia suppliers when refurbishing my Moke and the parts arrived quite quickly and the shipping costs were not too bad.
Maybe someone closer to home will have one they are willing to part with, good luck.
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Re: Steering lock

Post by grantourer »

Hi, Somerford sell something similar part number BHM7107P might work.
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Re: Steering lock

Post by Nigel(no top)Sykes »

That’s a UK saloon type one graham. It won’t fit an Aussie column for a few reasons. The Aussie tube is a larger diameter (I think). The lock fits lower down the tube than the UK version and I think the steering lock slot is in a different position radially.
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Re: Steering lock

Post by Tim »

I believe Tony Buttigieg "Auto Electrics on Wheels" has sourced an ignition lock that will fit Australian Minis (and by extension should fit 1970s Mokes because they used the same lock). They are not genuine parts, which haven't been available for decades. I suspect Tony supplies the other places stocking the same lock. ... eplacement

He also has locks for 1980 onwards Australian Mokes.

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