Electrical connection on heating system

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Electrical connection on heating system

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Dear all,

I have the cable of heating system electrical connection on Mini Moke Portugese. This should be connected on "ON/OFF" button on heating system. I know where I have to conntect on the interruptor but not able where is connected on electrical system (not able to find a place to mange inside.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks for your help.

Nigel(no top)Sykes
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Re: Electrical connection on heating system

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If the link below works it should show you a wiring diagram for a later Moke. It shows the heater ( item number 9) fed from the green yellow wire from the switch that is in turn fed by the green wire from the number four fuse terminal on the fuse box. It’s the same fuse terminal as all the other green wires, the ignition controlled feed.


Oh, and welcome on, by the way.
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